Did Radio Bushwick Close For Building Violations?

(Photo: Radio Bushwick)
(Photo: Radio Bushwick)

According to Brooklyn Vegan, Radio Bushwick has closed their doors without official statement or explanation. The Wyckoff Avenue venue known for its decent happy hour and less than decent shows, opened back in May after several fits and starts. After a steady year of activity, Radio Bushwick had a long list of shows lined up for CMJ.

We took a peek at the building’s DOB records and found four violations from the past year that might have something to do with the venue’s closure.

The first two were issued back in July for an illegal conversion of a manufacturing building “to commercial bar and cabaret with music.” The DOB lists two more violations issued in September, both for “illegal occupancy.”

The latest one was dished out on September 24th by an emergency response team in conjunction with the super scary sounding NYPD-organized, M.A.R.C.H (Multi-Agency Response to Community Hotspots), AKA the Dance Police, Party Poopers, Dangler Death Dealers, et al.

Yeesh. Sounds like the party might be over.

We dropped Radio Bushwick a line and have yet to hear from them. We’ll get back to you when we do.


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