Another Brooklyn Music Venue Says Goodbye

Swearin' playing Glasslands at this year's Northside Festival.
Swearin’ playing Glasslands at this year’s Northside Festival.

Happy Tuesday? Is it though? Don’t mind us, we’re just over here pouting about the news of another Brooklyn venue closing. This time, we’re saying Goodbye to Glasslands. The venue, which opened in 2006, posted the announcement to their website this morning, thanking “the staff, artists, and party people that have been a part of Glasslands for the past 8 years [who] made the venue a special creative home for music…” and saying “goodbye for now, but not forever.” The last part, about not being forever, is encouraging, especially after losing so many amazing places in the last year including 285 Kent and Death by Audio.

However, the shock is becoming less and less, especially for the venues on that specific block at S. 2nd Street and Kent Avenue. After we found out that VICE will be moving in, it seems the current tenants have been dropping like flies. I mean, the connection between the two seems awfully suspicious. Let’s hope it’s a coinkydink though so we don’t have to go from just poking fun at the big-headed media company to actually loathing them.

The official last show at Glasslands will be New Year’s Eve, so we still have a good little chunk of time at the Williamsburg staple to say goodbye. Check out their calendar for CMJ events this week and everything beyond. We’ll miss ya, Glasslands.


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