This “Vegan Leather Du-Rag” Is Everything You Think It Is and Worse

du-rag Nasty Gal awful

If blood-spattered Kent State sweatshirts and striped shirts with yellow stars on them weren’t offensive enough, online retailer Nasty Gal has unveiled the “Nightwalker Vegan Leather Du-Rag”—but don’t worry, it’s not real leather! (Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s cruelty-free.)

The website copy reads: “Sometimes you’ve just got to du-rag you. This vegan leather du-rag has a tie closure at back and is unlined. Perfect with a black tee dress and slide sandals.” Anyone wearing this deserves a talking-to, followed by a second talking-to if they wear it with a tee dress and slide sandals.

Like all the worst news these days, “vegan leather du-rag” sounds like an Onion headline. Its blatant cultural appropriation mashed up with the ur-whiteness of veganism is beyond parody—it might as well be certified gluten-free. Which begs the question, is pleather a gluten?

This is terrible; don’t buy it.

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