Maison Premiere’s Owners Are Opening Up a New Spot In Greenpoint

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Best backyard ever.

Is there a better backyard in Brooklyn than that of Maison Premiere? If there is, we don’t know it. In fact, there’s a pretty good argument to be made that Maison Premiere doesn’t just have the best backyard in Brooklyn, but also has just about the best everything. The oysters are plump and perfect, the cocktails beautiful and balanced, the atmosphere convivial and conducive to hours of lingering over drinks and food with the best kind of company. What we’re trying to say is, if there is any restaurant in Williamsburg that we’d be happy to see replicated in another neighborhood, this is it. Well, guess what? We’re in luck! (We love when that happens.)

Via Grub Street, we learned that the owners of Maison Premiere, Joshua Boissy and Krystof Zizka, will be opening a second restaurant in Greenpoint on Lorimer Street, a “70-seat space across from McCarren Park” which used to be Lokal. The new space is slated to open in 2015, so we’ll have to wait awhile to see what exactly Boissy and Zizka are planning, but our hopes are pretty high based on how much we love Maison Premiere. We’ll update with details as they come in. In the meantime, we’ll continue to indulge whenever possible in the oysters and absinthe over on Bedford Avenue.

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