Bushwick Construction Boom is Boon For Thieves


Robberies in Bushwick have jumped a healthy 39 percent this year, thanks in part to the mega-construction boom that’s overtaken the neighborhood. In the last month alone there were 47 burglaries, almost double the 24 the police clocked in the same period last year. The NYPD reports that many of the incidents are thieves swiping appliances and tools from open construction sites. So like, watch that toaster, bro.

Precinct Captain Maximo Tolentino spoke at a community board meeting on Wednesday to address the thefts, and said that cops would be working to end the robberies as well as, DNAInfo reports, “targeting cyclists biking the wrong way on one-way streets and cleaning up graffiti.”

Tolentino cited the recent Vogue article ranking Bushwick as the world’s seventh coolest neighborhood as a reason to clean up the community. “We have an opportunity to do something great,” he said. “We should take advantage of our popularity.”


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