Tea Lounge Space for Rent in Park Slope

tea lounge park slope for rent

Well-loved Park Slope café Tea Lounge, on Union Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, has been put up for rent. The asking price is $9,750/month, or $425,000 to buy, but can you really put a price on familiarity?

Of course you can, particularly in New York. The neighborhood blog Here’s Park Slope broke the news this morning, though there’s no word yet on what the owners’ plans or intentions are. Tea Lounge was forced to close its original location a few years ago, at Seventh Avenue and 10th Street, due to rising rents, and rumors of a Williamsburg location have come and gone. Two years ago, a Tea Lounge franchise location opened in Kuwait (which is presumably neither closing nor relocating).

While no one is necessarily clamoring for the soul of Park Slope (or, not anymore), it’s sad nonetheless to see a neighborhood staple fall away. Can’t everything just stay the same here, forever?

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