Vogue Names Bushwick Seventh Coolest Neighborhood In the World

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Oh my dear, yes, I know you must be ruined from fashion week and jetting back and forth from Milan to indulge in your favorite hard cheese, but you simply must hear about this hot new neighborhood across the river, Bushwick. Why, Anna told me about it, darling. Oh? Anna Wintour, of course, who else would I mean? [Chuckles into mink stole]

Yes, the bobbed and sunglassed one has bestowed her blessing onto the far reaches of the L train, according to a list from Vogue‘s September issue ranking the hippest neighborhoods on earth, darling. Which of course lead us to the following reactions: “Go away, Vogue, rents are high enough!” Followed by, “Wait, only seventh?”

In Vogue’s September 2014 issue, we highlight street style’s new paradigm—a seismic shift, essentially, away from the look-at-me and take-my-picture vibes of yesteryear. 2014’s chicest city-strutters are now dressed in, well, all things normal—though before you cry “normcore,” think ultra-chic basics by the likes of A.P.C.

So chic you would not believe, that Bushwick. “All things normal” are actually just very selective costuming choices, my darling. They even give a shout-out to Montana’s Trail House and, of course, Jay Z.

Pop-up late-nights, an eatery in a defunct gas station—check out the recently opened Montana’s Trailhouse—and a vinyl-recycling jewelry label called Wrecords By Monkey are all within a few blocks. Time to hop on the L!

It’s just a stage and a food court, no one actually needs to live there. Gentrification? Poverty? Crime? Who cares, that hat is just adorable. Bushwick lands number seven on the list, behind West Queen West in Toronto and Tiong Bahru, Singapore. But it’s still cooler than Los Angeles’ Silver Lake (#12.) Take that, West Coast, we mumbled weakly.


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