Brooklyn Grange to Host Lady Butcher Brunch

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Tom Mylan’s artisan butcher shop The Meat Hook is teaming up with Brooklyn Grange to say goodbye to summer with one last long, meat-heavy rooftop brunch on September 21. And the twist? The brunch is showcasing the work of three star lady butchers, Madeleine Kren, Cara Nicoletti and Sara Bigelow, who can wield a knife with the best of them.

The event is being held at the Brooklyn Grange, the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s acre-wide rooftop urban farm. The non-meat portion of the meal will be from the harvest at the Grange itself. The tickets are $90 for essentially two meals, a long breakfast followed by a break for digestion and then lunch, as well as all the beer and coffee that you can drink. There will be many courses, but the menu is a surprise. Rest assured that you won’t leave hungry, in any case. Snag your space at the table here.


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