Catland: The Witches Of Bushwick


Illustration by Thoka Maer

WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU, but it seems like every party we’ve attended lately has included tarot card readings, or fortune-telling, or some other kind of vaguely witchy entertainment. Plus, when we moved recently, we were given dried sage to burn by just about everyone we know! And, let’s not even get into how popular astrology is right now (though in a word: VERY). Anyway, call it the occult, call it magic, call it illogical superstition the supernatural seems to have become very natural for a certain type of young Brooklyn-dweller and we think a lot of credit for that can go to the Bushwick occult shop Catland. It sells everything from the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck to Persephone incense, and it plays hosts to events as varied as rituals honoring the full moon to lectures on Sicilian Sex Ghosts. Plus, the dim and dusty space feels a little bit haunted, so it’s easy enough to go there and get your Craft on. Not a believer? Not a problem. Even if the incense you’ve purchased doesn’t really wind up influencing the harvest goddess (or maybe all the smoke just doesn’t travel all the way down to the Underworld?), it still smells pretty damned good in your apartment.

987 Flushing Avenue, Bushwick


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