Sponsored: Hit “Rock Bottom” with Bridget Everett at Joe’s Pub


These days, we find ourselves in the mood for a theatrical production that gets us excited, is mildly intimidating, and isn’t afraid to be simultaneously gritty and tender. Enter ROCK BOTTOM, Bridget Everett’s first major production since her 2007 musical At Least It’s Pink.

ROCK BOTTOM is what happens when you’re too passionate to give up, and too big to fail.

In it, Everett, who The New York Times has called a “pure id on the rampage,” barrels through life tip-toeing toward disaster, wine bottle by wine bottle and man by man. However, instead of succumbing to a chardonnay-induced stupor, Everett embraces a series of revelations that lead her and her voice of an angel to redemption.

ROCK BOTTOM features new original songs written with Marc Shaiman, Scott Wittman, Matt Ray and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz, as well as familiar favorites heard in Everett’s monthly sold-out showcase with her band The Tender Moments at Joe’s Pub.

The show’s run is only a month long, so get your tickets now!


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