Out of the Closet: At Home with 5 of Brooklyn’s Fashion Elite


IN A PEDESTRIAN-FRIENDLY CITY LIKE NEW YORK, it’s easy enough to spot people on the street whose style you’d love to emulate. Rarer, though, is to be able to take a peek inside the homes of these fashionable creatures and see the items that they prize most. Which is why we thought we’d ask five of Brooklyn’s most stylish women to give us a look inside their closets, highlighting everything from their go-to pieces to those they never wear but just can’t give away. And considering these closets contain everything from ‘N Sync concert Ts to a pair of Doc Martens that lasted through four Lollapaloozas (and a Nirvana concert), we think you’ll be as inspired by what was revealed as we were.

Photographs byAustin McAllister


    • Oh my gosh thank you so much OnlyAtoms…I’m am so flattered you took the time to post a comment. If you’re able to visit the shop soon, remind me who you are so I can give you a little gift. <3


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