Brooklyn Is Clickbait


Brooklyn is hip? Brooklyn is hip. Brooklyn is so over.

Brooklyn is not cool. Brooklyn is cool until you start reading about it. Brooklyn is not as cool as the Upper East Side. Fuck Brooklyn. Brooklyn is exactly like “Brooklyn Girls.” Brooklyn is dangerous and ghettoBrooklyn is split into two. Brooklyn is most definitely a tale of two Brooklyns. Brooklyn is over? Brooklyn is officially over. Brooklyn is over—again! Brooklyn is dead.

Brooklyn is back! Brooklyn reboundsBrooklyn is the coolest city on the planetAll things hip lie in Brooklyn. Brooklyn lives up to the hype. Brooklyn is cool. Brooklyn offers urban cool. Brooklyn is too urbanBrooklyn is bucolic. Brooklyn is in vogue. Brooklyn is the new colonial frontier. Everyone’s going to BrooklynBrooklyn is the new Manhattan. Brooklyn is the best place ever and we love it.

Brooklyn is a brand. Brooklyn has been branded. Brooklyn is a brand called Brooklyn. ‘Brooklyn communal cool’ is also a brand. Brooklyn is très Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is the second-most expensive city in the US. Brooklyn is the fifth-most expensive place for clothesBrooklyn is literally getting more expensive by the day. Brooklyn keeps coming up with even more comical ways for you to spend your money.

Brooklyn smells. Brooklyn is run by a cat. Brooklyn is an underage drinking paradiseBrooklyn hearts pornHalf of Brooklyn is naked. Brooklyn is a vertically integrated factory for literature.

Brooklyn is everything they say it is. Brooklyn is booming.

Brooklyn is helping you be terrible. Brooklyn is full of hypocritesBrooklyn is the worst place ever. There is no place high enough in Brooklyn to help you forget that you are in Brooklyn. You cannot escape Brooklyn no matter where you go.

All that we have foreseen has come to pass in Brooklyn.

You have nothing interesting to say about Brooklyn.

What was Brooklyn?

Where is the next Brooklyn?

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