Chill Bro Climbs Up Brooklyn Bridge, NYPD Freaks Out


A 24-year-old dude sporting a backwards baseball cap and fanny pack is the latest (and greatest?) person to inspire a collective NYPD anxiety attack after opting to take a casual stroll up the Brooklyn Bridge.

Around noon on Sunday, Manhattan-based chill bro Yaroslav Kolchin was spotted scaling a support beam connected to the Brooklyn side of the bridge, CBS News reports.

Kolchin was captured on camera pacing on the landing as police assembled and demanded for him to return to ground level. Kolchin obliged after snapping some photos on his iPhone. He did it for the Instagrams, y’all.

When he descended, Kolchin was taken into custody by the police, and charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. The incident came shortly on the heels of another security breach on the bridge, in which German artists Mischa Leinkauf and Mattias Wermke replaced the American flags on the top of the bridge with bleached-out versions. Chill bros and artist types: Please stop using the Brooklyn Bridge as your personal jungle gym. It is not doing Bill Bratton any favors.


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