Dude Hates Jeff Koons Even More Than Normal

via @davidyellschen, Instagram
via @davidyellschen, Instagram

An artist vandalized the Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney Museum yesterday afternoon by throwing what was reportedly his own blood against the gallery wall and signing his name, immediately making the most interesting artwork in the room.

Witnesses told arts website Hyperallergic that the man splattered the red substance in a double “X” pattern against the wall of the gallery where Koons’ “Rabbit” was being shown. Guards quickly removed the man and reportedly brought him to a mental hospital. No artwork was damaged in the process.

The artist, who signed his named Monty Cantsin, was later identified as Hungarian performance artist Istvan Kantor. “Monty Cantsin” is a multiple-use name tied to Neoism, an arts philosophy that espouses pranks, fakes, and plagiarism. Kantor has been banned from the Museum of Modern Art and other institutions for similar incidents.


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