Brooklyn Beer Bar Guide: Molasses Books

Photos by Austin McAllister
Photos by Austin McAllister

Molasses Books, on Hart Street in Bushwick, fulfills a need that most people didn’t know they had. Reading books, an activity that’s pleasurable on its own, is even better when enhanced by a cold beer and a pleasant environment, and so Matthew Winn’s little store is a great addition to the neighborhood. Molasses is a top-notch secondhand bookshop, that also hosts readings and DJs, and, for those who are into the idea of getting married while surrounded by sunlight and literature, the occasional wedding.

Number of Taps: None, but that’s only because this isn’t technically a bar — it’s a bookstore-cafe-literary salon hybrid that happens to have nice craft beers.

Number of Bottles: The beer selection here is bottles and cans only, but don’t worry, it’s not just PBR tallboys and Miller High Life. This is a good place to go when you don’t really want to think about what you’re drinking — because you’re reading — and just drink a beer that’s cold, refreshing and good. That’s why we’re not huffy about just ordering an old reliable, like the Six Point Crisp, which I prefer out of the can. Heresy, I know.

Vibes: I can think of nothing more chill than a beautiful, well-lit place to read a book than drinking a beer.

Seating: There’s a little bar in the center of the space, and then a few tables scattered throughout. The best seats in the house by far are the little cafe tables nestled in the windows in the front of the shop.

Typical Crowd: Lots of laptops and journal scribblers, or people who just want a nice place to sit down and read for a spell.

So. Very. Chill.
So. Very. Chill.

Music: Whatever it is, it’s at the shop’s discretion, but that isn’t a bad thing. At night, there are occasional DJs. For all you budding turntablists out there who really, really want to show off your sick collection of rarities, swing by on Wednesday, August 20th, where you can spin whatever your heart desires from 9pm-12am.

Price: The beers are all very reasonably priced, usually around the $5-$6 range.

Food: None, but that’s okay. You’re there for the books and the beer, not to eat a gourmet meal.

Outdoor space: Nope, but as stated, sit by the window, and you’ll have the feeling of being outside without the hassle! A win-win.


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