No Buying Metro Cards With Credit/Debit Cards Between 1am and 9:30am On Saturday

Image: Second Avenue Sagas

Public Service Announcement: If you were planning on buying or refilling a Metrocard in the next 48 hours using a credit/debit card than you better do it well before 1 am tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow, the MTA will undertake a systemwide upgrade of the software in their sometimes glitchy vending machines, DNAinfo reports. So, from 1 am to 9:30 am on Saturday morning, the machines, like almost every bodega in this borough, will be cash-only. The temporary shutdown will also affect vending machines in the PATH stations, LaGuardia Airport and on the JFK AirTrain line.

The good news is that the MTA doesn’t expect the upgrade to take the full eight and a half hours or that it will inconvenience all that many people given Saturday morning’s low ridership.

This concludes our Public Service Announcement.

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