SummerScreen Snaps: No Wannabes Found at Our ‘Spice World’ Screening


SummerScreen went out with a serious bang last night with our screening of Spice World, as the ’90s girl band enthusiasts came out in droves dressed as their favorite members. Some donned pastels in homage to Baby Spice, while others rocked wild curls and black lipstick in honor of Scary Spice. For many, though, the night was a flashback to a kitschy time of plastic chokers and foam platforms (wait, aren’t those on trend now?), and reenacting the “Wannabe” video during P.E. Maybe that’s why the crowd couldn’t contain themselves at the finale—everybody joined in an impromptu dance party to “Spice Up Your Life.” Check out the photos we snapped of all the fashion-forward attendees after the jump! (It is Brooklyn, after all).

And congrats to “Spice Up Your Style” costume contest winner, Maja Ho, who’s Baby Spice getup of metallic aquamarine tights and pink-tinged pigtails were a fresh take on the group’s resident good girl. Maja took home tickets to the All Star BBQ at Taste Talks, coming up in September! 


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