Giant Tortoises Move to the Bronx, Are Ruling

Credit: Julie Larsen Maher/Wildlife Conservation Socity
Credit: Julie Larsen Maher/Wildlife Conservation Society

In a week where you could probably really use some cute animal news, here is some cute animal news: Two giant Aldabra tortoises are moving into new digs at the Bronx Zoo. I, for one, welcome our wise new overlords.

The tortoise pals weigh in at 400 and 600 pounds respectively. They’re from the Republic of Seychelles, and there are only about 100,000 of them left in the wild. The two tortoises, whose names are Rocket and Abdul, made their debut on Thursday and have been cooling out in the nice weather. Hope they like it there: Aldabra tortoises can live to be almost 200 years old.



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