Family Of Stabbing Victim Sues NYC Housing Authority

Family Of Stabbing Victim Sues NYC Housing Authority
Image: NY Daily News

In an unsurprising, but notable, turn of events, the family of 6-year-old stabbing victim Prince “P.J.” Avitto has filed a suit against the New York City Housing Authority alleging that the organization’s negligence played a significant part in the death of their little boy.

P.J. Avitto’s family is seeking $281 million in a wrongful death suit filed this Wednesday, reports the Daily News. In the court papers, Avitto’s mother,¬†Aricka McClinton, alleges that her son’s death was caused by “carelessness, recklessness, gross negligence and gross recklessness” on the part of NYCHA.

Avitto was stabbed to death on June 2 while riding an elevator with 7-year-old survivor Mikayla Capers in the Boulevard Houses in East New York. Less than a week later, the perpatrator was identified as 27-year-old Daniel St. Hubert, a mentally-ill parolee who had been released a few days prior to the incident, following a five-year sentence for attacking and nearly killing his mother.

The crime may have been prevented if cameras and locks were properly installed in the Boulevard Houses, says P.J.’s father,¬†Nicholas Avitto. And to add insult to injury, in the week’s following P.J.’s death, it was revealed that NYCHA has been sitting on $27 million dollars specifically set aside for camera installation for a number of years and is only now putting the funds to use. In response, attorney Jack Yankowitz is asking for $27 million per wrongful death named in the case plus an additional $200 million.

There’s no word yet on when the case will go to trial.

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