Sponsored: Catch “Great White Shark” in 3D at the American Museum of Natural History!

Imagine you’re a deep-sea free diver. Now imagine that in addition to the awesomely adventurous profession of exploring the ocean every day, your task is to tag sharks for research. And we’re not just talking any sharks—you’re dealing with the top dog (so to speak) of the species: Great Whites.

If you’re anything like us, you’re both excited and terrified at the prospect.

Of course, not everyone has the guts to get so close to these majestic and powerful creatures. But if you want to feel like you are? You can, at the American Museum of Natural History’s LeFrak Theater! From now through January, they’re screening the stunning movie Great White Shark in Imax and 3D.

Dive in for a unique insight on “the predator we love to fear,” through the eyes of the people who dare to get closest to them! Click here for more info on the film, showtimes, and tickets.


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