Please Let This Rumor About A Prospect Heights Trader Joe’s Be True

Please Let This Rumor About A Prospect Heights Trader Joe's Be True
It’d reportedly go in the Capital One building on Washington Ave (Photo via Brownstoner)

You don’t need us to tell you that it hasn’t been a great week for news. Or weather. Or anything, really, besides curling into a ball under large winter blankets and only coming out for necessities, such as tacos. Which is why we’re really, really hoping that the rumor about a Trader Joe’s coming to Washington Ave in Prospect Heights is true, because that would totally be something worth climbing out of our cozy blanket-nests for.

Fucked In Park Slope published the hot goss yesterday, after hearing it from three separate sources—two friends who either live or work nearby, as well as the owners of the Key Food across the street—that a Trader Joe’s would be coming to the soon-to-close Capital One Bank at 856 Washington Ave between Lincoln Ave and St. Johns Pl. Word has it that the Key Food will also turn into a Duane Reade (meh).

And as both FIPS and Brownstoner point out, it wouldn’t be the first time a Trader Joe’s shacked up inside an old, beautiful former bank—the Cobble Hill location is situated inside the former South Brooklyn Savings Institution, which, it bears repeating, is the only other Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn.

Trader Joe’s didn’t immediately respond to our request for comment, but we’ll keep you posted. Until then, please return to your shadowy den of Netflix and Mexican deli food until further notice.

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