“Curb Your Dog” Is Taken to A Whole New Level In Fort Greene

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If the phrase “Curb Your Dog” was ever unclear to dog owners, a persnickety block association in Fort Greene is sending the message loud and clear: if your dog shits on our street, we will post a video of it on the Internet, and it’s called “The Dog Walkers Hall of Shame.”

DNAinfo says the South Oxford Street Block Association launched the campaign in response to an influx of turds littering their sidewalk; and in particular, the neighborhood lost it after association president, Abby Weissman, posted a video on the group’s Facebook page of an insouciant dog owner looking both ways and then leaving her pup’s poop behind.

“Dog shit is disgusting and toxic,” Weissman says in his post. “There are no excuses for this behavior. If you can’t clean up after your dog you shouldn’t have one.”

Since the clip’s surface, the poopetrator’s (had to) face has been plastered on posters all over the locale, which borders Fort Greene Park. Poop shaming? Sorry, Fort Greene, but in Bushwick where I live, we spray paint our dog feces gold

The article says that by New York City law (namely, the “pooper-scooper law”), dog owners are required to clean up after their pets, and are slapped with a $250 fine if they don’t. But what’s really unpleasant is that homeowners are required to clean up whatever excrement gets left on their property, regardless of whether it belongs to their canine. So lots of people could wind up picking up random dog feces or risk a big fine. Let’s just say this: no matter where you are—on the opulent blocks of Fort Greene, or on the industrial reaches of Flushing Avenue—curb your damn dog. It’s the respectable thing to do.


  1. Oh man… I’m gonna feast my lab on nothing but corn, carrots and mutton for the next two days and take him on a nice leisurely walk down these fuckholes’ block.

    I encourage all Brooklyn dogowners to do the same.


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