Video: Recreate the Stellar Bloody Mary from Park Slope’s Skylark

A rampant brunch culture has spawned DIY Bloody Mary bars and created frightening bastardizations of what, at its heart, is really a simple, beautiful thing—the bracing vodka with the salty, spicy, and slightly sweet tomato juice, the horseradish, the lemon all working in harmony to create a drink that’ll cure whatever ails. You could spend an entire weekend searching the five boroughs high and low for the best Bloody Mary, but I’m not entirely sure you would survive it. Lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork. Watch as the charming Stephen, bartender at Park Slope’s Skylark , as he shows off their signature Bloody Mary, then check out their recipe and try for yourself.

Skylark’s Bloody Mary

Dip the rim of a pint glass in lemon juice, then a mixture of chili, cumin and sea salt.

Into a pint glass, pour one third vodka and two thirds Bloody Mary mix over ice.

Garnish with an olive, pepperocini, pickled celery and a wedge each of lemon and lime.

Top with a float of Guinness.



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