Brooklyn Beer Bar Guide: Berry Park


Photo by Austin McAllister

Berry Park is the kind of place where you’d take a group of friends on a hot summer day for one of those day into night events, where you start off with a couple of beers and end up watching the sky change colors as the sun sets. It’s got a little something for everybody — currywurst for that friend who won’t stop talking about their semester abroad in Berlin, a beautiful patio for your one friend that insists on being able to see the skyline, and soccer matches on a giant projection screen for your other friend who idly dribbles a soccer ball at the park when you’re just trying to read. Round up the gang, and take ’em here. Check it out, after the jump.

Number Of Taps: This bar has a heavy emphasis on European beers, with a lot of hearty German offerings. They have a few seasonal beers on tap, but our personal favorites is the always reliable Belgian import Delerium Tremens.

Vibes: Despite how absolutely crazy busy this place can get, the vibe is one of general good cheer and boozy camaraderie. The bartenders are all friendly, people don’t shove at the bar, and despite how full of human bodies this place is on the weekends, everyone’s patient and nice. Weird! Also, if you need to get your soccer fix in now that the World Cup is over, this is one of the few places that reliably shows soccer matches, on a giant projection screen inside.

Seating: This bar is like two different bars, really. There’s the dark, indoor part, with long wooden benches and tables, the better to watch soccer and drink large quantities of dark beer. Then, there’s the roof deck. which is twinkly and spacious with tables and chairs, and a killer view of the city.

Music: Loud, but maybe that’s because we’re old.

Price: Reasonable! Most beers are in the $6 to $7 range, which is standard for every place we’ve been to thus far.

Typical Crowd: Berry Park is situated in a stretch of Williambsurg that feels like a playground for Manhattanites intent on exploring Brooklyn but not willing to get off at any other stop other than Bedford Avenue. It’s an interesting mix, and now that it’s summer, expect a lot of polo-shirts-and-boat-shoe bros intermingling with other people who just want to get a drink somewhere nice and pleasant and outdoors.

Outdoor Space: The roof deck is the star of this show, and it fills up, so get there early, if you want to hang out, and make sure that you hold your ground.

Food: Keeping with the theme of “vaguely German beer hall,” the food offerings lean towards sausage and schnitzel, but it’s all well executed and the perfect accompaniment to lots of drinking. Their fries are top notch.




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