Bushwick Has A Mascot Now

Bushwick Has A Mascot Now
Kinda appropriate, right? (Photo via DNAinfo)

It’s this teddy bear, holding beer and cigarettes, haphazardly taped to a pole on the street.

The stuffed animal’s origins are currently a mystery, but it’s been taped up to a utility pole at the corner of Harman St and Wyckoff Ave since at least mid-July, according to DNAinfo. And as of yesterday, the original can of Coors that the bear had been holding was joined by a pack of Newports, a tabloid paper, and an old wooden letter organizer, for some reason. What does it all mean? Well, the bear is Valentine’s Day–themed, so perhaps it’s a statement on unrequited love and rejection (which could explain the drinking, smoking and letters), but more likely, probably nothing.

What might be the best thing about the Bushwick Bear, however, is the fact that it’s managed to defy even the most stereotypically curmudgeonly of Brooklynites, that is, Twitter users and people who offer their opinions to media outlets. Here’s a sampling of the basically unanimous reaction:

“It screams Bushwick. It’s mysterious, it’s comfortable in its own environment, and it’s happy to be there.” — Daniel Ramirez

“It’s better to be happy like the bear. He’s the best. Kids love him. And I love him.” — Tito Miranda, who also said that “with all the fighting and war in the world, the bear is something people can smile about.”

Aw, isn’t it nice when everybody gets al—

Never mind.

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