Free Wi-Fi Now Available In East River State Park

Free Wi-Fi Now Available In East River State Park

Like parks? Like the internet? Well, East River State Park officially has you covered.

According to Brokelyn, as of today, East River State Park in Williamsburg is officially connected to the World Wide Web thanks to Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid. The wi-fi goes by the name of, get this, “Oh Ranger!” (?) and it’s totally, completely free. So, leave your cafes behind freelancers, there’s a park waiting for you.

The move is part of a larger initiative to connect the city to the net. That’s why the MTA has been installing free internet service in some subway stations. Meanwhile, the Mayor’s office is entertaining the idea of transforming all our useless pay phones into free wi-fi hotspots. And just a few months ago, there were reports that the Department of Parks plans to wi-fi-ify Rockaway Beach while they repair the boardwalk. We could be watching cat videos oceanside by next summer.

And that’s definitely a future we want to live in.

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