Buildings Housing Spike Hill And Pinkyotto Up For Sale In Williamsburg

Image: Drinking Brooklyn

Ten or fifteen years ago, setting up shop on Williamsburg’s Bedford Avenue was a sound idea, but now it seems like everyone sitting along the thoroughfare is in constant danger of losing their space. Such is the case with Spike Hill and Pinkyotto, whose buildings have been put up for sale by their landlord.

Crain’s NY reports that this month, the buildings at 184-186 Bedford Avenue between N. 6th and N. 7th Streets and at 204-206 Bedford Avenue have been put on the market. The former is going for a cool $19.5 million dollars while the latter is priced at $23 million.

Really, the sites are perfect for, say, a J.Crew-like retailer, with 184-186 Bedford boasting an above average 40-foot frontage and 204-206 featuring 50-foot frontage. Both sets of buildings also feature 3,000+ square feet of space.

There’s no word yet on whether Spike Hill, Pinkyotto and their neighbors Tai Thai and Bedford Magazine & Smokes are on their way out, but we’ll keep an eye out. Meanwhile, bidding on the spaces concludes on August 26.

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