Brooklyn-Queens Expressway Repaved With Good Intentions

If community activism has taught us anything (actually, it’s taught us a lot), it’s that if you make enough noise, you’re probably going to get noticed. After over a year of complaints from the Brooklyn Heights Association (BHA), an organized voice for the community, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has scheduled much-needed overnight repairs to begin today on the eastbound Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

The disruptive traffic on the cantilevered, raised section that runs along the East River from Atlantic Avenue to Cadman Plaza West has been unsettling Brooklyn Heights residents. According to Brooklyn Daily Eagle, residents living along the roadway are fearful that the excessive rumbling and jolts from trucks driving over the defected roadway are causing structural damage to their homes.

A full repair hasn’t been completed since 2002, so hopefully the joint repairs, full repaving and milling will mitigate the commotion. Repairs are expected to last two weeks, Monday through Friday from 10pm to 5am.

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