Guy Wielding A Machete Robs Williamsburg Teen

Guy Wielding A Machete Robs Williamsburg Teen

While North Williamsburg is dealing with a string of car break-ins, South Williamsburg is facing something decidedly darker. This past weekend, an 18-year-old was robbed by a man wielding, of all things, a machete.

The mugger cornered the man on Stagg Walk near Leonard Street and Manhattan Avenue around 5pm, according to the Brooklyn Paper. Using the machete and an accompanying pocketknife, he “relieved” the teen of his cellphone, wallet, Metrocard, headphones and bicycle. Luckily, the victim wasn’t hurt.

The police don’t seem to have a suspect locked down yet, so be careful. Remember, this dude is crazy enough to use a super unsubtle machete, in broad daylight to rob people who aren’t even old enough to drink yet. Here’s hoping he’s caught soon.

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  1. Also, it’s not noted here that Stagg Walk is in the middle of the Williamsburg Houses. There are probably not people living outside the Houses, unless they are visiting people there or up to no good, who would be there. The residents of city “projects” are much more vulnerable to violence than residence of private housing in Williamsburg and throughout the city, and more affluent people generally don’t seem to care.


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