Allison Williams Cast As Peter Pan In Live NBC Performance

Allison Williams Cast As Peter Pan In Live NBC Performance
Image: HBO

Today in what can only be described as life imitating art (or the other way around, we never get it right), it’s been revealed that Allison Williams, she of Girls fame, has been cast as Peter Pan in the upcoming live performance on NBC of the eponymous musical.

Now, we could say that Williams only got the role because her dad, news anchor Brian Williams, has an in at NBC, but let’s be truthful: Girlfriend is a “singer!” Since “On All Fours,” the episode where Marnie shows up at Charlie’s work party and performs a cringe-inducing cover of Kanye’s “Stronger,” we’ve known this was bound to eventually happen! And Season 3’s Marnie-joins-a-band storyline only provided us with further proof.

It seems NBC was paying attention. According to MTV, the network broke the news this morning via Twitter announcing that Williams has been cast as the titular character in Peter Pan Live, a follow-up to 2013’s unexpectedly successful live performance of The Sound of Music featuring Carrie Underwood. We don’t know who she’ll be singing alongside (lots of children?), but that doesn’t really matter, now does it? 

So, brace yourselves, America. Because this is definitely happening. Be sure to tune in on December 4 to watch it go down.

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