Can We Please Talk About David Lynch’s Line Of Sportswear For Women?

Image: Live The Process
Image: Live The Process

Back in April, one of our own had the distinct pleasure of seeing David Lynch at BAM, where he gave a rare interview before a large audience of eager and curious fans. Over the course of the interview we learned a lot about Mr. Lynch, like the fact that he loves Kanye West and has a subway phobia. But, still, the man always finds ways to surprise us. In addition to being an auteur, hardcore believer in transcendental meditation, musician, etc., he’s now a designer, or at least admirer, of women’s sportswear.

Yesterday, the David Lynch Foundation and Live The Process revealed a new line of workout clothing that all come in limited edition “David Lynch Floral,” Animal NY reports.  According to Live The Process’ “statement of purpose,” their clothing is meant to encourage “holistic [living] and health, and creates activewear on the “basis of enlightenment.”

Of course, enlightenment doesn’t come cheaply. The price points run from a mere $105 for a David Lynch corset bra to $185 for the David Lynch Geometric legging. In between, shoppers will also find a $150 t-shirt, which is as Kanye West as it gets, Mr. Lynch.

Some proceeds from the limited edition line will benefit the David Lynch Foundation, which works to “ensure that every child anywhere in the world who [wants] to learn to meditate [can] do so.” Feel free to support that cause by checking out the full sportswear line here.

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  1. Some nice stuff. The price is a bit high but its for a good cause. Wonder how Lynch has stayed with TM so long. My meditation is soooo boring.


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