Brooklyn Beer Bar Guide: Dirck The Norseman

Photo by Austin McAllister
Photo by Austin McAllister

Any bar that has picnic tables on the sidewalk, corn hole out front, and those huge garage doors that open up to the street is a great place to be. Bonus points if some of the beer you’re drinking is actually brewed on the premises. Thats why we love Dirck The Norseman. Let’s take a closer look.

Number of Taps: The draft list is split neatly between German imports and American craft beers, and, like any beer hall, you can get your tipple of choice by the liter, not the pint. If you want to relive Oktoberfest, try any one of their German imports, but for easy drinking on a sweaty summer day, they have the Wallbout Wit, which is brewed by their in-house brewery, Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co.

Vibes:  Even though they’ve been open since March, they seem to have a nice groove. The bar is big enough where it doesn’t get packed, and if it does, you rarely feel crowded. Everyone’s friendly, the patrons and bartenders alike.

Music: It’s often quite loud, but hey, it’s a bar. That’s why you’re there. As for what’s actually playing, there are DJs that come through on the weekends, and during the week, it’s mostly bartender’s choice.

Price: The beer is sold by the liter, starting at $13 for a full liter and working down to $3 for 0.2 liters, or six ounces — the perfect size for you to plan your own beer flight, if that’s your thing.

Seating: The bar takes up the center of the space, so there’s ample seeing around there. Towards the back, there are tall tables that you can perch a glass on and chat, and there are some other tables in the front, as well.

Outdoor Space: The front of the space is lined with garage door windows that open up to the street, and there are picnic tables outside. It’s not the biggest space, but it works.

Food: The menu at Dirck The Norseman is German beer-hall fare, with a modern twist. Standouts include the goose fat dill mini potatoes and the brisket, but really, anything on the menu will do you right.

Typical Crowd: Generally populated with nice, friendly people from the neighborhood, spillover from Northern Territory and Berry Park, and people who just genuinely love delicious beer. It’s a good mix.


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