String Of Car Break-Ins In Williamsburg

String Of Car Break-Ins In Williamsburg
Image: Challenger Talk

If you own a car, live in (or regularly visit) Williamsburg and don’t live in one of those luxury buildings with a secure parking garage, be on the lookout: There have been a series of car break-ins in the last week.

Via DNAinfo: The thief (or thieves) are smashing car windows and nabbing luxury items, taking a laptop, a pair of Ray Bans, and a Coach wallet among other, very expensive things. In all, about $5,600 worth of property have been stolen from four cars parked on Bedford Avenue, North 12th Street, Monitor Street and North 10th St.

Which brings us to the real heart of this story: Why are people in Williamsburg (or in general) leaving so many expensive items in their cars?! Macbook Airs? iPods? Pricey sunglasses…in the summer? Lock it all in your luxury trunk at the very least!

Anyway, it’s not yet clear whether the crimes are related, but Williamsburg drivers should be vigilant nonetheless. Because, in case you missed it, petit larceny and grand larceny are the most prevalent crimes in North Williamsburg’s 94th Precinct. So, let’s tone it down with the leaving valuables sitting on car seats in plain view.

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