Drink at Home or Plan a Road Trip: Two Roads Brewery


In January of 2014, Two Roads Brewery out of Stratford, Connecticut, inked an exclusive deal with Manhattan Beer Distributors, giving New Yorkers the chance to partake in their solid lineup of year-round and seasonal beers. Road 2 Ruin is a floral, grassy 8% Double IPA that I’d happily drink every day; Honeyspot Road is a White IPA that’s creamy and a little bit spicy; Lil’ Heaven is one of the best session IPAs available; Ol’ Factory Pils a fine example of a classic German pilsner; Worker’s Comp is a super light and refreshing Saison that eschews the fussiness and experimentation that’s taken hold within the style of late. They don’t make the kind of beers that set the message boards ablaze or anything, but jeez… there’s not anything wrong with that.

Their facilities, located in a long-abandoned 100-year old factory, are also worth a visit if you happen to have a car or the means to procure one for a day. We sent photographer Robert Caputo to check it out. Here’s what he found.

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