Brooklyn Beer Bar Guide: Barcade

Photo by David Loaiza
Photo by David Loaiza

If drinking craft beer while pumping quarters into the arcade games you remember from your childhood at the pizza place after soccer practice sounds like your idea of a good time, then congratulations, we have just the bar for you.

Number of Taps: This place prides itself on a robust and diverse tap selection, so they have 24 that rotate frequently, and they often do beer tastings and events, too. Right now, you can try the Two Roads Conntucky Lightnin’, which is an American strong ale aged in bourbon barrels. If you like your beers on the fruitier, lighter side, get a pint of the RJ Rockers Son of A Peach, which is a peach-infused wheat beer.

Vibes: Well, it’s what you’d expect from a bar that features vintage arcade games and a well-curated beer list — nerds, but in the best possible way. The space is airy and cool, and even when it’s packed, it never feels overwhelming.

Music: It’s bartender’s choice, seemingly from someone’s iPod put on shuffle, so make what you will of that. Usually inoffensive, though.

Price: Most pints hover around the $6 mark, so it’s not outrageous. Also, the arcade games are a quarter per play, so you can feasibly spend hours reliving your childhood without going broke.

Seating: There are seats at the bar, a few tables scattered within the space, and a nice little covered outdoor area in the front, with a couch and some benches, but remember — you’re not here for the seating, you’re here to beat the high score on NBA Jam.

Food: No real food to speak of, save for some beef jerky and peanuts for sale.

Typical Crowd: You get your mix of bachelor parties, video game nerds, beer nerds and people who fall somewhere in the middle. Barcade has other locations, including an outpost in Philadelphia and one in Jersey, as well as locations in Chelsea and on St. Mark’s.


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