Gowanus Canal Leaking Brown Goo Into Homes And Businesses

Photo: New York Magazine

Today in not surprising news for a Superfund site, it appears that the Gowanus Canal has begun pumping “stinky brown goo” into homes and businesses in the neighborhood.

According to the New York Post, the problem seems to have been caused by days of heavy rain, which backed up the sewer pipes that run into the canalThe goo is apparently foaming and has been described as smelling like “poop,” “barf,” and “rotten eggs.”

This actually isn’t the first time this has occurred. During Hurricane Sandy, backed up pipes became a major problem and many homes were flooded with sewer water. As a result, the city is currently seeking engineers to investigate the feasibility of building a storm wall that would prevent the Gowanus Canal and Greenpoint’s Newtown Creek from flooding during heavy rain. Meanwhile, an official canal cleanup isn’t scheduled until 2016 when the EPA and local government will sink $350-$450 million dollars into revitalizing the waterway. The whole thing will take about 10 years to complete.

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