Brooklyn Beer Bar Guide: Battery Harris

Photo by Austin McAllister
Photo by Austin McAllister

That strip of Brooklyn that hides in the shadow of the BQE is now home to some of the nicest and most relaxed places to get a drink in Williamsburg. Up now is Battery Harris, a Caribbean-influenced spot with a great beer selection and a fantastic patio. Check out our take, after the jump…

Number of Taps: An impressive 18 taps on hand, with a few standouts, including Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch IPA and that friend you never think about but are always happy to see, Abita Purple Haze. Most of the beers save for two come by the pint or by the pitcher.

Number of Bottles: There are six bottles of standard fare like Tecate and Bud, but if you’re hanging out with your gluten-free gang, they will be able to drink right along with you, as they have the purportedly excellent Estrella Dam GF beer in the bottle.

Vibes: The bar is mildly Caribbean themed, and they’ve done a pretty good job of creating an oasis in a spot that’s so dangerously close to the BQE. It’s a lovely place to have a drink and seek solace from some of the crazier bars on the Bedford Ave strip. Also, there’s a killer happy hour deal from 4-7pm Monday-Friday, when you can get a burger or sandwich and a beer for $10 — the best bargain in town, I’d say.

Music: Bartender’s choice, but inoffensive. Sometimes there’s a brass band, which is fun, if you like brass bands.

Price: Reasonable! A pitcher of something not too fancy will run you abut $22, and the beers are priced fairly for the neighborhood.

Seating: There’s some space at the bar, and some tables inside, but your best bet is to sit in the back.

Outdoor Space: Ah, yes, another bar with a strong outdoor seating game. The backyard is full of patio furniture and umbrellas, but seating is plentiful, and the space is nice during the day, and even better at night.

Food: Delicious, island-y fare. Think jerk everything, curried devil eggs, Jamaican patties and the like.

Typical Crowd: This bar attracts what I assume is overflow from the crowded and scene-y Night of Joy just around the corner, but also has its own regulars, who are neighborhood folks who are really happy that they’ve found an oasis of chill and calm right around the corner from their house.


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