Need To Know: What’s Your Rupture Records

Photo by Austin McAllister

Need To Know is a  series spotlighting Brooklyn-based record labels. Today we meet Kevin Pedersen, the one-man show behind What’s Your Rupture. He puts out part jingle-jangle pop, part straight up punk rock, and (every so often) some truly classic reissues. More after the jump!

Year Originated:  2004

Number of Releases So Far: 40ish

Sound: Comedy

You’ve been in the game a long time. How have you seen the Brooklyn music scene evolve? Is it much different now vs then?

I don’t think much has changed and I would never want to compare two different times.

What made you want to start putting our records?

Because records are the best.  I was working at a record store and I just wanted to be part of all of it…whatever it is. I liked seeing bands live. but I loved listening to records.  I spent all my money on records.  I spent all my time reading about records.   I wanted to fit into in with all the records I loved.  I wanted my sense of being to exist somewhere in the spectrum of records.

How do you source new music (or re-issues)? Crate-digging, word-of-mouth, after seeing a great live show, etc and/or….?

Keep open ears… and you’ll know it when you hear it.

What’s your favorite release? (Or just — one that was particularly exciting to you, and why?)

I release very few records, so when I do put something out I put everything I got into it.  Working with Parquet Courts, Comet Gain, Fucked Up, Iceage, Royal Headache, Love is All, Silver Shampoo, Tyvek, caUSE co-MOTION!German Measles, Nodzzz, etc etc.  have equally been important for some kind of growth on my part.

Where do you run things from? (Home? Office? Spaceship?)

I have an office on the ground floor of a building on 13th St which also houses DFA and a couple of movie producers.  Its a nice place to work.  I get a nice amount of support and advice from the DFA guys and I get to see celebs walk in and out the door.

Is music a full-time thing?  If not, what’s your day job?

I’ve been running the label full time on and off since 2007… I’ve had part time jobs here and there to work through the lean periods.

Favorite extracurricular past time?

Radio.  I was on EVR for about 10 years, ending with the closing of the station.

Upcoming releases we should look out for?

I have a new single coming by a band called Fa Bonx. Bonx are this family band, the singers mom even plays sax and sound like an old glam/bubblegum band.  I co-produce their records so I enjoy the experience of working on the music as well as the record.

Any new music recs (new or old)?

My favorite records right now are: Essential Logic, Wake Up 12″. Comet Gain, Paperback Ghosts, Henry’s Dress, Bust Em Green, Lilys, Better Cant Make Your Life Better, and Parquet Courts, Sunbathing Animal.



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