Good News, Greenpoint! The East River Ferry Is Coming Back Next Week

Good News, Greenpoint! The East River Ferry Is Coming Back Next Week
photo c/o @daviddymmel

There are all sorts of living-in-the-city related nightmares that we indulge in when we want to give ourselves a fright. Many of them involve rats. But most of those nightmares don’t come true. Or, at least, we don’t think cockroaches actually crawl over our sleeping bodies every night. Earlier this year, though, one of those nightmares became a reality when the ramp at the Greenpoint East River Ferry terminal collapsed into the icy waters of the East River not long after passengers disembarked from the ferry. We told you: Nightmare! 

Probably best not to think too much about that nightmare anymore, though, because the East River Ferry is back! Via DNAinfo, after five months of shuttle bus service for Greenpoint ferry passengers, “the India Street dock that shut down in February after a ramp suddenly collapsed is expected to be replaced in the next week.” Rather than repair the old ferry dock (which appeared to have defective poles supporting a functional gangway), RedSky Capital, the company which owns and operates the pier, has fully replaced it.

The re-opening of the ferry couldn’t take place at a more fortuitous time for Greenpoint residents, because the G train is about to suspend service for 5 weeks to continue repairing Hurricane Sandy-related damage. So, we guess this means the old adage is true, when God closes a subway line, she opens a ferry terminal.

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