Brooklyn Beer Bar Guide: Skinny Dennis

Skinny Dennis


Brought to you by the friendly gents who started everyone’s favorite craft beer dive bar, Lucky Dog, Skinny Dennis is a newcomer to the neighborhood, but provides the perfect atmosphere for a brisk beer and good conversation. Check out what all the fuss is about after the jump.

Number of taps:  15, with an emphasis on some of Shiner’s seasonal offerings — it is a Texas bar, after all. Right now they have the delightful Shiner Ruby Redbird and Wild Hare Pale on tap, at $5 each.

Bottle Selection: 3, including Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, which is always a solid choice.

Vibes: During the day, it’s your typical almost dive-y watering hole. At night, it turns into the best honky-tonk this side of the Mississippi, with live music every night of the week, including our personal favorites, The National Reserve, who throw down every Friday.

Music: There’s a pretty solid jukebox stacked with the kind of country music you’d expect from a bar that lets you throw peanut shells on the ground.  At night, the live music calendar is superb.

Seating: We’ll be honest, seating here is a bit of a pickle. There’s a fairly big bar, but the table situation is a little lacking.

Food: None to speak of, unless you count the aforementioned peanuts.

Price: Very, very reasonable. And they take cards, with no minimum. Most drafts will set you back $5, and they also do a 24 oz Coors Banquet in the can for $4, which,is the best bargain if you’re gonna have that kind of night.

Outdoor Space: None, but feel free to congregate in front of the bar, though the bouncers will ask you nicely to keep your conversations quiet and off to the side.

Typical Crowd: A healthy mix of neighborhood residents and wide-eyed visitors from the faraway land of Manhattan — your typical 2014 Bedford Ave overflow.

Dog Friendly: Yes! All dogs welcome.


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