Artisanal Choco Tacos Are A Thing Now

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Everybody freak out.

In the wake of the pornographically huge and completely processed confection giant Crumbs Bake Shop’s demise, there is a vat-sized opening in the world of dessert food gimmickry, and we may have just found its replacement: Baldies, a new Bed-Stuy ice cream shop, is now selling Choco Tacos (you know, those things you used to be able to buy at gas station vending machines). But like, fancier.

Baldies, which opened quietly this winter, is the culmination of two bald, Bay Area transplants’ love of turning good old packaged frozen treats into their artisanal, Brooklyn-ified counterparts. For now, Baldies only operates as a catering business and traveling vendor, seen recently at Smorgasburg and the Hester Street Fair, though you’ll have to check  Twitter to know for sure where to find them.

For five bucks, your Baldies Chaco can come in three different iterations—the O.G., your basic vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, sea salt and almonds; the Wildcard, a seasonal ice cream flavor; and the vegan Baldies Joy, made of coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut flakes, and almonds, all wrapped in a “magic shell.” There’s also the P.B.C. ($4), two taco shells molded into cups and filled with peanut butter ice cream and melted chocolate. If there’s anything the Baldies Chaco can teach us, it’s that even with something as perfect as the taco, there’s always room for improvement.

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    • Hey! I’m good friends with these guys and they do the Hester Street Fair, different gigs at restaurants (though I think they are selling them at the restaurant Desarra in Carroll Gardens as a permanent dessert feature) as well as going around the park with them on some days. There is no actual brick and mortar store though, so you kind of just have to follow them around.


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