indieScreen Closes To Make Way For Vice

indieScreen Closes To Make Way For <em>Vice</em>
The former site of indieScreen. Photo: Indiescreen

Last week, we learned that Vice Media received a huge windfall from New York state. Over time, they’ll  see $6.5 million in tax credits, allowing the popular media company to grow exponentially. What’s more, we learned that Vice is moving out of their N. 11th Street office and heading to a 60,000 square foot space in South Williamsburg on S. 2nd and Kent Avenue. As it turns out, a few eggs had to be broken to make that omelette, and one of those eggs is indieScreen.

The combination restaurant and indie movie theater has closed and its restaurant equipment and furniture is up for auction, Grub Street reports. But it may not be the only spot to fall—nearby (and beloved) multi-purpose venues Death By Audio and Glasslands may also be in danger. Neither spot has announced any plans to close, but we’ll keep an eye out.

Meanwhile,  the indieScreen exit will allow Vice to make  room for the 525 new employees the company plans to hire over the next five years as well as features like on-site production facilities, an auditorium, and a 24-hour newsroom. Here’s hoping some of our favorite Brooklyn spots won’t be sacrificed for Vice’s expansion.

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