Lucky 13 Saloon Leaving Park Slope For Gowanus

Lucky 13 Saloon Leaving Park Slope For Gowanus
Image: Drink The Nation NYC

The words “heavy metal” and “Park Slope” don’t really go together. And yet, for the last 11 years, metal bar Lucky 13 Saloon has been sitting pretty at 13th Street near Fifth Avenue in the stroller-friendly neighborhood. But no longer: In August, Lucky 13 will move to a larger space in Gowanus.

According to the Daily News, owners Melody Henry and Jeff Blanchard are actually glad to be rid of the place. They haven’t gotten along with their neighbors in years and had to put an end to live shows over an avalanche of noise complaints.

“We hate our neighbors, and they hate us,” Henry told the News. 

At the new Gowanus space, located on Sackett Street near Fourth Avenue, Henry and Blanchard will have three times the space for the same price. The additional square footage means more room for heavy metal posters and memorabilia, more burlesque shows and, best of all, the return of face-melting live music.

So, really, everyone wins here. The Park Slopers get their peace and quiet and Lucky 13 fans get to hang out in the haven of grungy industrialism that is Gowanus. It’s a New York City miracle.

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