Bartender Chronicles: Meet Cameron from Glasslands

Cameron Hull of Glasslands

Have you ever wondered what life is like for those kind and handsome people pouring shots behind the bar? This summer we’re bringing you a meet and greet with some of your favorite faces behind the bar at your favorite haunts. Here’s some words of wisdom from Cameron Hull at Glasslands, after the jump.

How long have you been bartending? Where did you get your start?
I’ve been bartending at Glasslands for 6 years. Before that I didn’t bartend that much. Also, a little bit at my old restaurant job in Tribeca, though, I mostly made coffee.

How long has Glasslands been around? Do you guys have any special traditions?
Glasslands has been around almost eight years. I started out doing the door and I was also the porter. We have a tradition of being polite and nice to people.

What’s the wrost day to get your attention behind the bar?
There is no bad way to get our attention behind the bar. We are in the business of giving attention, so it’s a good thing when we find someone craving it.

What’s your go-to after work drink?
I work till 5:30a.m. I generally drink as much water as possible after I’m done.

If there was a bartending handbook, what would be rule #1?
Have fun.


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