Today’s Track: Twin Peaks, “Flavor”


Twin Peaks — “Flavor”
Chicago-based slop-rockers Twin Peaks pack so much likable riffing into each one of their miniature-sized songs it’s amazing they don’t burst open. (Except, they sort of do burst open — in that wonderful, sunshine-y, walking-to-work-on-the-best-day-of-your-life way.) “Flavor” is a laid back summer anthem, with enough major-key progressions to power you through a full Saturday of rigorous poolside lounging with a six pack of soda and some Twizzlers. You can watch the band reenact this real time in the track’s recently released video, but we’re actually hoping that by the time you’ve read this far, you’ve already grabbed a bathing suit and left your office chair spinning, empty, as you head to the beach.


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