The 9 Best Kept Secrets In Brooklyn

10 Best Kept Secrets In Brooklyn

A funny thing happens if you Google “best kept secrets in New York.” Well, “funny” might be the wrong word. “Depressing” or “terrible” or “embarrassing” would probably be better. You see, if you Google “best kept secrets in New York,” you wind up with link after link to articles that (shhh! don’t tell!) want to let you in on a little known, locals-only destination called, uh, the High Line. Yeah, that’s right: the High Line.

But so, even though it sometimes seems like there are no more secrets anymore, at least not about New York, we felt like we could do better than that here in Brooklyn. After all, there are a lot of really strange, specific to Kings County factoids that, frankly, delight us. And so in the same spirit with which we shared our favorite secret Brooklyn beach, we’d like to let you in on some of the borough’s best kept secrets. These are the quirky things that will forever prevent Brooklyn from being totally mall-ified or condo-ized, or other invented, yet still sinister words, and while Brooklyn doesn’t have anything truly top secret, like the High Line, there’s still a lot of interesting, little known things to learn about this borough of ours.


  1. Thanks for posting nine “secrets” of Brooklyn that are just about as secret as The High Line — and one is a hoax, to boot. If you’re going to start an article by snarking on how un-secret the offerings on Google are, it’s best not to mimic them.

    I have yet to read any article on this site that doesn’t sound like it was written by someone who arrived here ten minutes ago, or who may have lived here longer, but in a cave.

    I await an article on how there’s a fabulous, secret new coffee bar in town, called Starbucks…


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