Look At The Brooklyn Nets’ Insane New Training Center In Industry City

It “will be envy of the National Basketball Association,” according to announcer David Diamante.

Today, the Brooklyn Nets revealed all the details and a few renderings of their new training center at Industry City, and it is… something. Sort of like what you’d imagine to be the dream apartment of someone moving to Brooklyn for the first time from East Rutherford, NJ. Oh wait.

The space, titled ‘Hospital For Special Surgery Training Center’ (note: it is not a hospital; the incredibly deceptive name is part of a branding agreement with the actual Hospital for Special Surgery on the Upper East Side, which provides the team’s physical therapists) will include a rooftop entertainment space, an 18-seat multimedia theater, a 3,000-sq-ft players’ lounge, two hydro pools and maybe a couple basketball courts or whatever.

Construction on the HFSSTC (nope) will begin this summer, to be completed in time for the 2015-2016 season. Since the official move to the Barclays Center in 2012, the team has still been conducting their practices across the Hudson.

What’s even more insane than the already-pretty-insane renderings, however, is the center’s description in its press release: “The interior finishes combine an industrial vibe of exposed ceilings, air ducts, and piping with softer natural materials like recycled wood and tiles, to create a harmonious spa-like environment.” Oof. Spa-like. Also: “The result is an overall design which celebrates Brooklyn’s gritty manufacturing history while reflecting its eco-friendly mentality.”

Here is a closer look:





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