A Man Was Decapitated On the BQE Yesterday

man decapitated on BQE

Yesterday afternoon, a police chase on the BQE ended in the decapitation of the driver of the fleeing car and guaranteed nightmares for the rest of their lives for every single other person on the scene.

Via the New York Daily News, 22-year-old Leroy Samuel fled police following a routine traffic stop yesterday and crashed his  car into the back of a truck near the off-ramp at Hicks Street and Atlantic Avenue, leading to his decapitation. Witnesses at the scene described a passenger getting out of the car, a woman who was “trying to get away but she had to stop. She was hurt bad… She was limping. She said it was her boyfriend, she told the cops.” She was later taken away in an ambulance.

Police chases are relatively rare in New York City, and with yesterday’s events, it’s easy enough to see why. Rarely is it worth it to pursue a car through the densely populated—by vehicles and pedestrians—streets of New York, especially when the outcome can easily turn tragic.


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