New Music Tuesday: How To Dress Well Coos, Whispers and Sighs His Way Into Your Heart


How To Dress Well’s brand of whispery, R&B-tinged bedroom pop is the kind of music that’s right for every season. If it were winter, you’d hole up in your room and dance in wool socks while the snow fell in silent piles outside your window. In spring and fall, his voice accompanies you on long walks through crisp leaves or newly green streets. In summer? That’s where his newest effort, “What Is This Heart” shines. This is the perfect album for late-night house parties, when all that’s left is you, your friends, and that special somebody. It’s the soundtrack for summer flings, for spontaneous beach trips, for introspective walks on humid nights through the park. While frontman Tom Krell stays true to his nineties R&B influences, he expands his vocabulary to include sweeping arrangements, the kind of stuff that shouts just as well as it whispers. Check out the new album on Spotify, and after the jump, watch the video for “Repeat Pleasure.”


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