Giant Meat Truck Parks Self in Union Square, Serves Free Sausage

Full of meat.
Full of meat.

We love free things, be it beer, food, or those promotional cups of humus and pretzels that people sometimes give you on the street near the Bank of America in Union Square. That’s why we are more than excited to line up with the sweaty throngs of rumpled office workers for the free sausage-fest, which is giant promotional effort by the History Channel┬áto promote its new lineup. The grill is actually something called an Ultimate Smoker and Grill, and is the brainchild of a “Rib Whisperer”┬ánamed Trace Arnold. If you smell something delicious in Williamsburg, wafting across the water, or you want to understand how you can pursue Rib Whisperer as a viable career path, scoot on down to 17h Street and Park Aveue South, from 11am until 6pm, today only.


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